Hi, I'm Rod Ellison 👋

Senior Software Engineer and Technical Artist


My Blog and general Post entries:

A quick overview of Unity Cinematics

I put together a presentation for my friends in the Florida Game Development Association on how to use Unity’s tools (Cinemachine, Timeline and Post Processing) for Cinematics Click to launch the Google Sheets presentation.

Converting 2D image to 3D Augmented Reality content

This is an article I published on Unity Connect for fellow users experimenting with Augmented Reality. Learn how to use Inkscape and Blender to convert a 2D logo into a 3D model with Raytraced shadows, and then use that content in a template ARFoundation project. Converting a plain 2d logo into 3D. I’ve played with Blender enough to know how to extrude and setup a light to cast a shadow, but I wasn’t quite sure how to model out an object from a 2D image itself.