Hi, I'm Rod Ellison 👋

Senior Software Engineer and Cloud Architect


I’m Rod Ellison, an IT professional and Digital Innovator with years of experience in app development, enterprise architecture, strategic planning and portfolio governance. I have a passion in creating visually exciting apps that bridge Mixed reality and Voice with back-end Cloud/Database solutions.

With a strong innovation and growth mindset, I lead by demonstration - researching cutting edge technologies and establishing proof of concepts that provide business value.

I’m (almost) a Florida native, having moved from the midwest just after High school and completing my degree in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University.

I love the Ocean and am an avid Kayaker, as well as Scuba Diver - helping lead a local dive club called Kayuba. My interests include 3D modeling/rendering, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality development, Voice app development, Game programming, motorcycling, playing guitar, and traveling.

I’m proud to be one of the first (1000) Amazon “Alexa” skill developers, having developed “The Music Man”, which leverages a third party “Songkick” API to allow global users to query where their favorite musical artists are playing next, or the calendar of events coming to a local venue.

Using Oculus Rift/Unity3D, I created the very first VR demos for American Express to demonstrate use cases in eLearning as well as virtual Architecture (building) walkthroughs.

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