A Unity Cinematic - A Cosmic traveler returns to her cold, but beautiful world.

The 2019 Unity 'Neon Challenge' introduced many, including myself to the new Unity Cinematic creation tools: Post processing stack, Cinemachine and Timeline. The challenge was essentially to create a short 2 minute film incorporating the use of all the tools to tell a story.

Narrative inspiration and Scene Conceptualization for the challenge.

I'm a sci-fi buff, and loved all of Georgi Simeonov's conceptual art for the challenge, which seemed (to me) to have an interesting mix of cold and warm futuristic, but seemingly harsh settings. I kept going back to a few of the images here..

The huge 'walls' and towers in the conceptual art intrigue me, like immense gates to some bigger location beyond..High altitudes, and snow/cold settings aren't anything I've attempted before in a scene.  Tribal symbols seem alien..Lots of Steps, angular flat surfaces throughout seem to contrast against mountainous backdrops. These are all elements I'll incorporate. One thing I think Unity does a great job with particle based fire and smoke, so will try to take some of the conceptual art concepts and use fire as a lighting element.

I'm a trekkie at heart.. and love the idea of first-contact, or extra-terrestrial arrivals, so an arrival will be a big part of my submission...ultimately, my scene will be about a grand entrance, a homecoming, an arrival to a place high in the mountains,  but with a harsh, snowy backdrop.

Resources used in the project for the challenge.  

Core tools:  Unity 2017.3.0f3, Post Processing V2 Stack (Free), Cinemachine (Free), Timeline (Free)

Other tools: Unity Particle Pack (Free), Unity Volumetric Fog (Github/Free), Unity Default Playables (Free), Unity Recorder (Free), Blender (Free) and Gimp  (Free)

Asset Store and other resources:

Personally created models:

  • Snow mound
  • Platform
  • Angular Fire pits