Some of these fish are different than the rest. Can you find them in time?

The game tests your observational skills, identifying fish that are different from the rest in a limited amount of time. Gameplay:  When each level loads, a number of "Chameleon Fish" will be present swimming around with the others. When you think you've identified a color switching 'Chameleon Fish', hit the <SPACE> key to pause the camera movement. Move your mouse around to hover over the fish you think is different to highlight it. Hit <SPACE> again, and if you found one of the 'Chameleons', it'll be removed and play will continue.  You can't linger though, as the timer keeps counting down!.

  • Hit <P> to Pause and Unpause the game while playing.
  • Hold <ESC> for a few seconds to Exit the game.

The Jam Entry is PLAYABLE here!



Fish AI Scripting and Fish models for this game-jam entry is based on my learnings from Dr. Penny de Byl's awesome Unity Learn 'AI for Beginners' class.  I gamified the learnings by implementing UI, Cameras, Post Processing and modifying AI logic to account for the 'chameleons'. Unity Asset Store items used: